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E-Textile speaker:


  • Conductive thread

  • Fabric

  • Thread

  • Magnets

  • A mono amp

We start off by stitching the conductive thread in a spiral coil shape.


Sewing the speaker using conductive thread and thread.

The finished speaker:

Fabric speaker f&b.png

This speaker won’t be powerfull since I did not sew the circles close enough, so I started sewing a new one.


I stitched this speaker on a tote bag.


Now I want to use copper tape to make a speaker:

the speaker circuit:


  • Copper tape

  • 100 ohm resistor

  • A tip 120 transistor

madar speaker.jpg
Making Mono amp:

I followed Liza stark’s tutorial and made my own mono amplifier.

Process 3.png
Speaker Test:
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