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Role: Illustrator, 2D animatics and graphics designer

Client: M&Ms

Agency: BBDO

Edit and Graphics: P.S.260

Editors: Maury Loeb (live action spots)

               Ned Borgman (full-animation spots)

               Ashley Ingbretson (Purple and Caramel Cold Brew spots)

               Matt Posay (Snowman Spot)

Finishing and 3D animation: House Special

mms ccb.gif

Since 2020, I've had the opportunity to work on a series of TV and social media projects for M&M's. My role involved crafting storyboards, doodling all the 2D characters, and bringing them to life through animation on the footage. Roughly rigging all the 2D characters in a tight deadline helped the team finalize the script, gestures, and timing, before passing it on to the finishing house. This workflow allowed me to be more involved in the creative process, and it was absolutely fantastic!

Articles: NBC,  CNN, People.

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