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Role: Illustrator, 2D Animator and graphics artist

Client: M&Ms

Agency: BBDO

Edit and Graphics: P.S.260

Editors: Maury Loeb (live action spots)

               Ned Borgman (full-animation spots)

Finishing and 3D animation: House Special

M&Mslogo_M&M Workmark.png

I've always loved M&M's live-action commercials, and working on all these amazing spots was a dream come true!
These were the first commercials airing after the launch of the characters' new looks. Read some articles: NBC,  CNN, 

My job was to complete the storyboards, illustrate all characters in 2D and animate them on the footage before the amazing 3D artists in House Special worked their magic. It was a collaborative effort between the agency creatives, editors, producers, and assistants to evolve the story and present it to the client before the finishing stage. This type of workflow allowed me to get involved in the creative process, which was a fantastic experience! 

According to my render folders, I exported 377 renders for the live actions only! Woo-hoo! I enjoyed working on these spots and learned a lot throughout the process. 

Thank you for checking this out:)

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